CompArch 2013

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17–21 June 2013 : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

16th International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Component-Based Software Engineering

CBSE 1: Adaptable Components

session chair: Ralf Reussner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)

Christian Heinzemann and Steffen Becker. Executing Reconfigurations in Hierarchical Component Architectures

Hang Yin, Hongwan Qin, Jan Carlson and Hans Hansson. Mode Switch Handling for the ProCom Component Model

Gilles Vanwormhoudt and Areski Flissi. CIAO: A Component Model and its OSGi Framework for Dynamically Adaptable Telephony Applications

CBSE 2: Component Verification

session chair: Ian Gorton (Software Engineering Institute, USA)

Kenneth Johnson, Radu Calinescu and Shinji Kikuchi. An Incremental Verification Framework for Component-Based Software Systems

Jir̆í Barnat, Nikola Benes, Ivana Cerna and Zuzana Petruchová. DCCL: Verification of Component Systems with Ensembles

Eden Burton and Emil Sekerinski. Correctness of Intrusive Data Structures using Mixins

CBSE 3: Dependable & Reusable Components

session chair: Clemens Szyperski (Microsoft Research, USA)

Sanchit Karve and Christopher Scaffidi. Towards Mining Informal Online Data to Guide Component-Reuse Decisions

Widura Schwittek and Stefan Eicker. A Study on Third Party Component Reuse in Java Enterprise Open Source Software

Quentin Enard, Miruna Stoicescu, Emilie Balland, Charles Consel, Laurence Duchien, Jean-Charles Fabre and Matthieu Roy. Design-driven Development Methodology for Resilient Computing

CBSE 4: Component Analysis

session chair: Steffen Becker (University of Paderborn, Germany)

Stephan Windmüller, Johannes Neubauer, Bernhard Steffen, Falk Howar and Oliver Bauer. Active Continuous Quality Control

Iman Yusuf and Heinz Schmidt. Parameterised Architectural Patterns for Providing Cloud Service Fault Tolerance with Accurate Costings

Pietro Abate and Johannes Schauer. Bootstrapping Software Distributions

CBSE 5: Component Design

session chair: Lionel Seinturier (University of Lille/INRIA, France)

Tomas Bures, Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Petr Hnetynka, Jaroslav Keznikl, Michal Kit and Frantisek Plasil. DEECo—an Ensemble-Based Component System

Jaroslav Keznikl, Tomas Bures, Frantisek Plasil, Ilias Gerostathopoulos, Petr Hnetynka and Nicklas Hoch. Design of Ensemble-Based Component Systems by Invariant Refinement

Nima Jafroodi and Peter Grogono. Implementing Generalized Alternative Construct for Erasmus Language

CBSE 6: Surveys & Applications

session chair: Massimo Tivoli (University of L’Aquila Italy)

Marie Christin Platenius, Markus Von Detten, Steffen Becker, Wilhelm Schäfer and Gregor Engels. A Survey of Fuzzy Service Matching Approaches in the Context of On-The-Fly Computing

Rémi Druilhe, Matthieu Anne, Laurence Duchien, Lionel Seinturier and Jacques Pulou. Component Mobility for Energy Efficiency of Digital Home

Ian Gorton and Yan Liu. Build Less Code, Deliver More Science

CBSE 7: Component Quality Assurance

session chair: Ivica Crnkovic (Mälardalen University, Sweden)

Luka Lednicki, Jan Carlson and Kristian Sandström. Model Level Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis for IEC 61499

Federico Ciccozzi, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Antonio Cicchetti and Mikael Sjödin. An Automated Round-trip Support Towards Deployment Assessment in Component-based Embedded Systems