CompArch 2013

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17–21 June 2013 : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

4th International ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on Architecting Critical Systems

ISARCS 1: Analysis Techniques

session chair: Yuanfang Cai (Drexel University)

Teerat Pitakrat, Andre van Hoorn, and Lars Grunske. A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Proactive Hard Disk Drive Failure Detection

Xiwei Xu, Qinghua Lu, Liming Zhu, and Jim Zhanwen Li. Availability Analysis for Deployment of In-Cloud Applications

ISARCS 2: Security and Safety

session chair: Liming Zhu (National ICT Australia)

Cuauhtemoc Castellanos, Thomas Vergnaud, Etienne Borde, Thomas Derive, and Laurent Pautet. Formalization of Design Patterns for Security and Dependability

Roshanak Roshandel, Payman Arabshahi, and Radha Poovendran. LIDAR: A Layered Intrusion Detection and Remediation Framework for Smartphones

Marc Ronell. Safety Concerns Regarding the Use of Visual Programming in Civilian Avionics Software

ISARCS 3: Critical Systems

session chair: Roshanak Roshandel (Seattle University)

Maurice H. Ter Beek, Fabio Gadducci, and Francesco Santini. Validating Reconfigurations of Reo Circuits in an e-Banking Scenario

Thomas Gamer, Thijmen de Gooijer, Manuel Oriol, Michael Wahler, and Ettore Ferranti. Fault-tolerant Fault Tolerance for Component-Based Automation Systems