CompArch 2013

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17–21 June 2013 : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Thursday, 20 June


Keynote 3:

Peter Danielson
Ethics outside the box: Empirical tools for an ethics of artificial agents

(Allard Hall, Forum 101)


QoSA 5: Reverse Engineering

(Allard Hall, Forum 101)

Benjamin Klatt and Martin Küster. Improving Product Copy Consolidation by Component-Architecture-Based Difference and Variation Point Analysis

Miao Du, Jean-Guy Schneider, Cameron Hine, John Grundy and Steve Versteeg. Automatic generation of executable server models from message traces

Yuanfang Cai, Hanfei Wang, Sunny Wong, Linzhang Wang and Lu Xiao. Leveraging Design Rules to Improve Software Architecture Recovery

CBSE 6: Surveys & Applications

(Allard Hall, room 106)

Marie Christin Platenius, Markus Von Detten, Steffen Becker, Wilhelm Schäfer and Gregor Engels. A Survey of Fuzzy Service Matching Approaches in the Context of On-The-Fly Computing

Rémi Druilhe, Matthieu Anne, Laurence Duchien, Lionel Seinturier and Jacques Pulou. Component Mobility for Energy Efficiency of Digital Home

Ian Gorton and Yan Liu. Build Less Code, Deliver More Science


QoSA 6: Evolution

(Allard Hall, Forum 101)

Alexandre Feugas, Sebastien Mosser and Laurence Duchien. A Causal Model to predict the Effect of Business Process Evolution on Quality of Service

Klaus Schmid. A Formal Approach to Technical Debt Decision Making

Zoya Durdik, Marco Konersmann, Ralf Reussner and Michael Goedicke. Towards Architecture-Centric Evolution of Long-Living Systems (The ADVERT Approach)

CBSE 7: Component Quality Assurance

(Allard Hall, room 106)

Luka Lednicki, Jan Carlson and Kristian Sandström. Model Level Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis for IEC 61499

Federico Ciccozzi, Mehrdad Saadatmand, Antonio Cicchetti and Mikael Sjödin. An Automated Round-trip Support Towards Deployment Assessment in Component-based Embedded Systems


Closing Session


WCOP Young Investigator Award Presentation:

Alexander Wert
Performance Problem Diagnostics by Systematic Experimentation


(Allard Hall, Forum 101)

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